Triples Rules

Triples Competition Rules:

Updated 2013

1.The Competitions will be organised by the Competition Secretary and played over the Bowls Season.

2.The Competitions shall be open only to Bowlers who are members of the Salisbury and District Bowling Association.

3.The Players must be members of the club they have entered from.

4.A Draw will be made after the entry closing date with closing dates for the end of each  round.

5.The first named on the draw will be the home player(s) and make all the arrangements, giving his opponent 3 dates. One of which must be a weekend, and not all in one week.  Failure to offer 3 dates, or failure to except one of the dates, will lead to disqualification.

6.One Sub. only will be allowed and he must not have already played in the competition.

7.Triples will be 18 ends 3 bowls each.

8.Dress will be white or club shirt, grey trousers in early rounds and the final will be played in White or club shirt and white trousers.

9.Any disputes must be notified to the Competition secretary whose decision will be final.

10.The Competition will be run under laws of the Sport of Bowls – Crystal Mark edition or by any subsequent edition, unless different above.

11.The final will be played on neutral ground.

12.Results must be notified to the Competition Secretary within 24 hours of the match being played.

13.Trophies must be returned to the Competition Secretary by the 31st August.

14.All trophies will be presented on presentation evening.