League Rules

League Rules:

To be updated following 2021 AGM


1. The league shall be called the “Salisbury and District Bowling Association League” and shall be open to all bona-fide Bowling Clubs that are affiliated to the Salisbury and District Bowling Association.

2. “Laws of Sport of Bowls, Crystal Mark Edition” or any subsequent edition shall govern all league matches except that the skip shall keep the card in all matches or otherwise if stated in Association Rules.

3. The Management of the league shall be the Executive Committee of the Salisbury and District Bowling Association to whom all disputed matters between League Teams, or other questions not covered by these rules, shall be referred and whose decision shall be final.

4. The league shall comprise 12 Teams maximum. Each Team shall arrange to play the other League Teams home and away during each season. If a club enters more than one team in the league then those teams shall not play each other during the month of August.

5. The match shall be played by twelve members on either side in four Triples.

6. Each match shall be of 18 ends with an extra 2 trial ends optional. Two points will be awarded for each winning triple, plus six points for the overall winning Team, giving a maximum of fourteen points per match.

7. No Bowler shall play for more than one Team in League matches in any one season and must be a bona-fide member of that Club.

8. The home team shall send to the Association’s League Secretary, not later than three days after the match, the completed Result Card, supplied by the Association for that purpose. Written notification of postponed matches must reach the League Secretary within three days of the date on which the match should have been played. Teams failing to do this will receive a 7 point penalty.

The league secretary shall circulate member clubs with results and league tables fortnightly by E-Mail.

9. Teams must not loan bowlers to their opponents to fill any vacancies caused through their opponents being short of a full team.

10. Teams must be ready to commence play within fifteen minutes of the agreed start time of the match. If a Team supplies less than twelve bowlers for a match, the game(s) containing the triple(s) with less than three bowlers will be considered void. The non-offending Team will be awarded the two points for the game(s) on the rink(s) concerned, and a total of nine shots will be added to their score, for each rink. If a member falls ill and cannot continue, and providing that a substitute is not available, the other side shall be awarded a nine to nought score ie the same as if a rink does not start with three players and 2 points. or the score appertaining at the time whichever is the most advantageous to the other side and 2 points.

11.In the event of a match having to be abandoned before the 18 ends have been completed on all rinks in play, the outcome will be determined by the number of ends which have been completed at the time of the cessation of the match, thus:

a) If the total number of ends completed is less than 24*, the match (including any rink(s) declared void under Rule 10) shall be null and void, and the match shall be replayed in full on a date mutually agreed by both Clubs before 31st August;

b) If the total number of ends completed is at least 24*, but less than 48*, the scores from the completed ends shall stand, and the match resumed and played to a conclusion on a date mutually agreed by both Clubs before 31st August, with teams comprising players/triples as close as possible to the original match (any rink(s) declared void under Rule 10 to remain void);

c) If the total number of ends completed is at least 48*, the result at the cessation of the match shall stand and points awarded as in Rule 6.

* - The required numbers of ends assume that 4 triples are in play and should be reduced in proportion if any rink(s) have been declared void under Rule 10. If only 3 Triples are being played at least 36 ends should be played.

12. In the event of a Team failing to fulfil a match or having to cancel, the offending Team must arrange to have the match played before 31st August. If a match is not played by the end of the current season, the Executive Committee shall arbitrate on the matter and may award points and shots at their discretion to the non-offending Team of 12 points and 20 shots. The Executive Committee’s decision shall be final.

13 .All League matches must be completed by 31st August.

13a.In exceptional conditions, the Executive Committee may extend the season beyond the 31st August.

14. Starting times for evening matches:

A) May 6.15pm

b) June and July 6.30pm

c) August 6.15pm

15.) In the event of two or more Teams tying on points in the League Table, the winner the League shall be the Team with the best-shot difference.

a) The highest winning Triple during the current season will be awarded a trophy. In the event of a tie, the winners will be decided by the highest number of ends won. It is for the Executive Member of each club to notify the League Secretary of possible highest rinks and to send a copy of the scorecard.

16. The holders of the League Winners and runners Up Cups shall return them to the League Secretary by 31st August.

17. Deleted

18. If a club cannot field 12 players (4 Triples) they may play 9 players (3 Triples). But in this case the League Secretary must be notified in writing before the 28th February, preceding that season.

In these matches the points awarded would be 2 points for each winning Triple plus 6 points for the overall winning team, given a maximum of 12 points per match.