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6thSeptember: The Hurricanes and Spitfires, both from Salisbury BC end the season with the same number of points. The Hurricanes win the league by virtue of better shot difference - they did as it happens also win more matches.

27th August: The Hurricanes have completed their season with a 10 point advantage over the Spitfires who have one match to play - all depends on winning on all rinks and getting a 54 point difference - a tall order!!!

15th August: Despite the green not being cut for a few days the Salisbury green bowled well, the weather stayed reasonable and the result was a win for Andover Lions, who had started well and managed to maintain the lead throughout, although it did get tight after the 16th end. Contgratulations to Andover Lions.

30th July:  We now have the finalists for the Herbie Turner competition with Andover having a convincing win over the Spitfires and Pewsey Reds narrowly defeating their club mates The Blues. The final is on Sunday 15th August at Salisbury BC with a 2:30pm start time.

31st March: Delegates "Zoom" meeting was held with all league clubs attending; at which the following was agreed:

  • The Delegates confirmed the format would be 3 Triples for 2021.
  • There will be no penalties for teams being short of players, but should give the opponents 2 days notice.
  • Teams may include ladies to make up a full team - subject to S&D Ladies agreement.
  • Clubs not transfer players between teams if they fields two teams - if a player plays for the "better" team they cannot then play for the "second" team.
  • There will be no requirement to provide tea/supper after the match.

4th March: Delegates "Zoom" meeting was held with all league clubs attending.

  • The Officers all agreed to "roll over" to 2021.
  • The intention is for the season to operate with modifications - to be confirmed at the next meeting on 31st March following Government / Bowls England accouncement by 29th March.
  • The committee reconfirmed the cancelation of the 2020 John Ash competition; a decision will be taken later in the year regarding the future of this competition.