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14th May: Following the Government's relaxation on outdoor sport, Bowls England issued guidence.

Bowls England recommends that all clubs follow the guidance below (the guidance may be adapted if necessary for your club, so long as it remains consistent with Government advice and social distancing requirements):

Play arrangements

  • Off-site booking system for rink allocation (i.e. Google Calendar)

  • Minimum of 20 minutes between allocated time slots to enable players to arrive/depart


  • Clubs to communicate in advance with players to advise on social distancing requirements

    that are being applied on arrival at the club – for example not leaving cars until a certain

    time before their allocated time slot

  • Only play on alternate rinks e.g. 1, 3, 5 OR 2, 4, 6 (keep an empty rink between rinks that are

    being played on)

  • Maximum of six players on club premises at any one time (assuming average of two people

    per rink who are not from the same household). Clubs may wish to increase this number if

    more than two people from the same household are to participate on the same rink.

  • No visitors/spectators to be admitted to the club

  • Capping the number of occasions a player can book a rink each week to ensure that the

    available capacity is distributed fairly

Play Formats

The following playing formats are in accordance with Government guidelines:

    • Individuals playing bowls on their own on a single rink

    • Two individuals from two different households playing on a single rink (no marker)

    • Members of the same household on a single rink (no marker unless from same household)

      Social distancing rules must be strictly adhered to; you must remain at least two metres apart from other bowlers (who are not part of your household) at all times.

Clubhouse and Facilities

  • Until further notice, all clubhouses must be closed
  • Limited essential access (for example to use the toilets and hand washing facilities) may be
  • allowed by the club
  • Sanitiser must be available for cleaning hands and equipment before and after playing
  • No rubbish bins – players must take any rubbish away with them

Social distancing rules must be strictly adhered to; you must remain at least two metres apart from other bowlers (who are not part of your household) at all times.


To minimise the risk of infection, only essential items (as below) should be utilised during any session:

  • Mat

  • Bowls

  • Jack

  • Rink markers

  • Gloves

  • Scorecards (these should be retained by one person only if required)

  • Bowling arm/lifter (for use by one person only if required)

The above is for information only

20th March: Salisbury & District BA executive confirm the suspension of all league and competitions to 1st July 2020, with a review in June.

18th March: Bowls England announce that National Championships, National Competitions and all Selections and Trials for 2020 have been cancelled with immediate effect.

16th March: John Ash Trophy for 2020 has been terminated early due to the closure of Five Rivers IBC because of Coronavirus.

16th March:The situation is being monitored regulsrly and further announcements will be made following Bowls England meeting on 19th March and Govt. advice.  League games may have to reduce in number and change in format.


6th November: The AGM was held at Amesbury BC at which the new Executive was elected and the Proposals submitted for change to the rules were both defeated. Following the meeting the draws for the John Ash and the Herbie Turner were both made and notified to the club representatives (also now on the website)

21st September

The Winners of this year's competitions were

Singles - Graham House

Pairs - Steve Gregory / Danny Russell

Triples - Mike Crane / David Parker-Smith / Geoff Toomer

2nd Sept: The following dates have been agreed with the player taking part in the finals.

All finals will be held at Pewsey

Pairs Saturday 14th September at 10.30
Stuart Mason / John Hurle
Steve Gregory / Danny Russell all from Salisbury

Triples Friday 20th September at 15.00
Vince Kimber Pewsey
Mike Crane Wilton

Singles Saturday 21st September at 10.30
Mike Crane Wilton
Graham House Salisbury

Come and support

11th August Salisbury Hawks defeated Amesbury 71 - 55 at Downton BC this afternoon, in a match which ebbed and flowed with Salisbury always having the upper hand mainly due to Bob Armtrong's triple (Mortimer/Mason/Armstrong) showing no mercy from the off and roaring out to a 18-1 score at the halfway point and then continuing to pile on the preassure. On the rink next door Mick Tuler's triple (Stanford/Mutter/Tyler) were reciprocating for Amesbury with 13-3 lead at the halfwaty stage.

2nd August Salisbury confirmed as winners of the S&D league with an unassiilable points tally after the victory last night.


12th November: the AGM was held at Amesbury last night with the new Officers being elected and votes on proposals being voted on .David Canniford  handed over the Presidency to Vince Kimber from Pewsey Vale BC.  The rules to the Singles, Pairs and Triples competitions were amended and the draws for 2019 John Ash and Herbie Turner competitions were made and are now uploaded to this website. It was announced that the Friendly against Bowls Wiltshire had been reinstated and would be held on Sunday 2nd June at Pewsey Vale BC.

2nd November: A very successful and enjoyable Presentation Evening was held at Pewsey Vale BC, as a practice run for the 2019 Presentation evening - hopefully the draw prizes will be spread around more evenly!!!!! The Winners of the League and competitions received their trophies and the quiz was won by no-one.

15th September: the Finals of the Singles, Pairs and Triples were played at Pewsey Vale BC - as Vince was acting President and Andover sadly hand availability. Mike Crane (Wilton BC) won the singles; Stuart Mason and John Hurle (Salisbury BC) won the Pairs; Mike Mundy, Richard Pearce and Vince Kimber (Pewsey Vale BC) won the Triples

31st August: Andover Lions are announced as League champions for 2018 - first time in 30+ years

24th July: The Salisbury A play Andover Lions at Pewsey in the final on Sat Aug 11th 2.30 pm start.

You are required to wear club shirt and whites for this match. There will be a meal provided by Pewsey afterwards.

26th March: First Management meeting held and Competition Entry Forms are available so please look in your club house. The association is looking for a new Treasurer.

The 2018 Salisbury Open competition will be held on Saturday 14th July at SalisburyBC


13th November: the AGM was held at Amesbury last night with the new Officers being elected and votes on proposals being voted on. Bryan McGowen handed over the Presidency to an absent David Canniford from Andover BC.  The rules to the John Ash Trophy were amended and the draw for 2018 was made and is uploaded to this website.

20th October: A successful and enjoyable Presentation Evening was held at Wilton BC, with the Winners of the League and competitions receiving their trophies

31st August: Pewsey Reds win League titles for 2017 following Wilton's defeat of Salisbury last night.

12th August:  After a slow start Amesbury won the 2017 Herbie Turner Competition in a friendly competitive game played at Andover; many thanks to all the team Andover for a nice green and very enjoyable after match meal.

25th July:  At the executive committee meeting it was agreed that in future REP matches should be Triples format, the rational being that the S&D is a Triples league and with declining numbers it would be easier for clubs to field teams. This will be submitted to the AGM for ratification by member clubs.

June - see details of the Singles Open competition at Salisbury on Saturday 29th July click here

3rd May: congratulations go to Amesbury BC on their narrow win over Salisbury BC in their delayed 2016 Herbie Turner Final at Wilton.

12th March: Congratulation to Five Rivers IBC for retaining the John Ash Trophy.


26th February: Five Rivers IBC won against Andover BC in the first John Ash semi final.

19th February: S&D lost to East Dorset in a very enjoyable match.

Alderbury BC beat Pewsey BC in the last of the 1st round matches.

5th February: Wilton beat Salisbury BC in the 1st round of the John Ash Trophy.

29th January: Five Rivers IBC beta Amsbury BC in the 1st round of the John Ash Trophy.

17th January: The first Committee meeting was held with several new attendees. It was decided to reduce the number of meetings in 2017; Dave Canniford confirmed he would take on the Match Secretary role and Pewsey BC delegates offered to organise the S&D competitions.

15th January: Andover won the first of this year's John Ash matches - Downton conceded on the 19th end.


15th November: Annual General Meeting at Amesbury Bowling Club.

Pete Riches retired from the S&D after 20+ years and was given a good send off by the retiring President - John Collins. Pete's role was  sub-divided into three separate functionsn, with Mick Corden of Andover taking on the League Sec. role and will oversee the John Ash Trophy. It was agree to change the format of the Herbie Turner and to hold it earlier in the year from 2017 forwards.

18th October: It was disappointing to hear that Salisbury Victoria BC has reluctantly decided to close at the end of this season - they will be sadly missed as members of the S&D BA.

4th September: due to inclement weather the Herbie Turner Final was not played, and the 2016 Final will be played early in the 2017 season at Wilton.

3rd September: Salisbury BC repeated the success of 2015 and were again winners of the League in 2016.

3rd April: Fiver Rivers IBC were convincing winners of the John Ash Trophy defeating Andover, who won on one rink - is it fair that Outdoor clubs have to play against a dedicated indoor club??


17th November: Annual General Meeting at Salisbury Bowling Club.

It was agreed that results cards would be sent in by the home team with a 7 point penalty if a team fails to do so.

The proposal to change the format of the league was defeated

15th November: We went to Whitchurch for what turned out to be a very enjoyable if unsuccessful Friendly against  Longmeadow (captained on the day by John Ash); a very entertaining afternoon's bowling and excellent food from their new caterers. It was very pleasing to see new faces in the S&D teamed hope they will continue to support the association.

28th October: The 1st fixture of the new Indoor season saw a remarkable result and a very close came against Victory IBC - normally we suffer a heavy defeat and this year it was only 13 points; as usual a very social afternoon with competitive bowls. The new ceiling and lighting certainly has improved things for Victory IBC.

23rd October: Presentation Night was held at Downton, which was supported by 50 members of the association and their wives for Supper, Skittles, Quiz and the Presentations which went off very well and judging by the comments afterwards was enjoyed by those present - our thanks to the Downton ladies for another good evening.


15th  September: The executive meeting had to decide the result of four matches as all the games in the season were not completed, but decided to only adjudicate on the one that affected the top of the league and awarded 10 points to Andover 1 for their game against Alderbury 2, which resulted in them leap frogging over Pewsey Vale 1

8th September: Back to Downton for the Singles and Pairs finals. The Sinlges was contested between Mike Crane (Wilton) and Barry Evans (Pewsey Vale), with a game that always had Mike in front and then having to resist the charges from Baz but in the end Mike was too strong and ran out the winner. The pairs was contested between Richard & Andy Moore (Alderbury) and ????? & Geoff Toomber (Wilton) and whilst it was a good match to watch the Wilton pair took and early lead and never let the Alderbury pair back into the game. Congratulations to both Wilton teams on their wins.

5th September: Herbie Turner final held at Wilton BC between Salisbury BC and Pewsey Vale BC - Salisbury continue their winning streak. Our thanks to the team at Wilton for putting on such a good event again.

4th September: Salisbury BC confirmed League winners  - congratulations to them all

3rd September: S&D Triples Final played at Downton between a triple form  Alderbury and Salisbury Victoria; the winners were Messrs Sweatman, Moore and Moore, who were unstoppable - congratulations to Stewart, Richard and Andy.

18th July: Sadly due to commitments of various S&D clubs, the match against Swindon and District B A on 26th July at Andover has been cancelled.

31st May: Once again a very enjoyable afternoon's bowling again Bowls Wiltshire - sadly we got hammered losing on five rinks and drwing on the other (thank you Salisbury Victoria for saving some face) As expected the weatherr came good and the Downton dried out so was not too heavy and Gerald Webb lead the way not only with the banter but also with a glorious  highest winning rink.


18th November: The AGM was held at Salisbury BC which saw the proposal from Salisbury to amend the League format amended and sent back to the clubs for more information before being considered at an EGM in mid 2015. All officers were re-elected as Tisbury felt unable to take on the Presidency and the newly elected Vice President is John Collins from Salisbury B C

31st October: A very successful evening that sadly was poorly attended but much enjoyed by those that did with a Skittles competition and a Quiz (won by the brainboxes from Pewsey) and the presentation of the Awards for the various winners and runners-up. It would be nice if in future more winners could be there to collect their prizes in person. The evening raised £200 for S&D funds.

11th Sepember: After a keenly fought match Pete Long won the war of attrition having been 15:5 down on a very heavy green at Downton BC. Nick Revell piled on the preassure and took a commanding lead only to open the door and allow Pete to slowly get back into the match. In fact I not sure who was most surprised by the result.

10th September: the Finals of the Pairs and Triples were played at Salisbury BC on a slightly overcast evening, with the matches starting at different times on adjoining rinks. The Triples was a tight match up until the last end when Pewsey held their nerve and their lead and were eventually 17:12 winners after a tied and a deadend. Nick Revell and Ashley Plumb play extremely well and held off Ben Hatton and Tom Warner to win on the 20th end by a comfortable 31:14.

6th September: A facinating afternoon's bowls at Wilton BC saw Pewsey take a commanding lead with four/five ends to go, but disaster struck and this allowed Amesbury back into the match - never ones to look a gift horse in the mouth they fought for every point and the last end ws of of tension with runners going between rinks to check the score; eventually Amesbury came away with the spoils winning the Herbie Turner by 3 shots

5th June: 1st League table of the season uploaded showing Amesbury well in the lead having won all their six games played so far - still a long way to go!!!

1st June: Another sunny afternoon with the Downton Green looking immaculate which must in some way have conrtibuted to an overall win for S&D against Bowls Wiltshire - although in terms of games it was a draw 3:3. We were honoured to have so many BW executives playing and for the match to be played with so much humour much at the expense of GErald Webb who took it very well.

18th May: A very enjoyable and friendly match against Basingstoke and District was lost at Salisbury BC on an afternoon of fine weather and excellent hospitality.

6th April: Amesbury win the John Ash indoor Knock Out Trophy - Contratulations to them

23rd March: Nick Revell of Amesbury BC invited to join the England Junior International Trials at Leamington Spa at the end of May - Contratulation to Nick

9th March: A very enjoyable afternoons bowls with the North vs the South which the latter won by a somewhat flattering score line.

23rd February:  S&D where very weel looked after by our hosts at East Dorset and unusually was a Triples match

21st January: Herbie Turner Draw

10th January: John Ash draw done and listed

6th January: Website revamped


15th November: A very good presentation evening at Alderbury

13th November: Sadly S&D lost to Victory again!!!!!!

12th November: Association and Competition Rules Updated

16th September: Presentation Night delayed to 15th November

10th August: Association Rules are being updated - please ask your Club Rep for a copy if you wish to have any input

1st August: League Table updated

13th July: League Table updated

Presentation Evening with be October 19th at Alderbury B C - revised


November 13th: At the AGM the New Committee was elected.

The proposal to replace the Triples and Pairs Galas with knock out competitions as per the Singles was approved.

The proposal to allow ladies to take part in the Glas was withdrawn.

The proposal to amend rule 10 was defeated.

It was agreed that Andover would enter a 2nd team in the 2013 season.

Note - the result of this is that Clubs will now play 22 games in the 16 week season.


November 7th: S&D lost heavily to Victory IBC, with the inexperienced Downton Triple going down 54-7.