Earnie Finbow Rules

Salisbury & District Bowling Association

Earnie Finbow Rules:



1.Entry will be open to any under 25 on the 1st April in the year of the competition.  They may be male or female who is a member of a club in the Salisbury and District Association.

2.Any changes in the entry fee shall be decided at the AGM.

3.Entry forms will be sent out at the beginning of the season by the competition organiser.  With a closing date for the entries.

4.The organiser will make the draw after the closing date for entries and circulate same together with closing date for each round.

5.The final will be played on the same night as the men’s Singles Final.

6.The holder of the trophy will return it to the Competition Secretary by 31st August.


1.Each game should be played over the better of two sets, with each set consisting of nine ends.

2.The winner of a set will be the player with the highest number of shots when the ninth end is completed.

3.If the shot scores are tied at the end of the ninth end of a set, it will be a drawn set.

4.There should be no further play in a set if, at any point it becomes impossible for one player to win or draw the set, given the number of ends left.

5.If the game is tied after the two sets have been completed (each player having won a set or both sets having been drawn), a best of three ends tie breaker should be played to decide the winner.

6.The tie breaker will be decided by the number of ends won, not by the highest number of shots won in the three ends.

7.If the third end of a tie breaker has been completed and the scores are still level the players should play a fourth end tie breaker to decide the winner.


8.First Set.  The players toss and the winner of the toss has the option to take the mat and Jack or to give it away.

9.Second Set.  The winner of the first set has the options to take the jack and mat or to give it away.  If the first set is tied the winner of the last scoring end in that set has the options to take the Jack and mat or to give it away.

10.First and fourth (if required) ends in a tie-breaker the players should toss and the winner of the toss has the options to take the jack and Mat or to give it away.

11.In all other ends the player winning that ends has the right to take the Jack and Mat or to give it away.

1.In all games the challenger will make arrangements for the game, before the closing date for that round.