Singles Rules

Singles Competition Rules:

To be updated following 2021 AGM

1.a)The Competition shall be played in two Districts, North and South.

b)         The competition will be organised by the Competition Secretary and played

over a Bowling Season.

c)The competition shall be open only to bowlers who are members of a Salisbury and District Bowling Association affiliated club.

d)The competition shall be played under the Rules laid down by “Bowls England” Laws of the Sport of Bowls Crystal Mark Edition or by any subsequent edition.

e)The early rounds will be played either in the North or South until the last sixteen when they will join together.

f)An Emergency Committee of Executive Members of the Salisbury and District Bowling Association shall determine all questions and disputes that may arise and which do not come within the scope of The Competition Secretary.  The decision of this Emergency Committee shall be final and binding.

2.a)  The Competition will be under the supervision of the Competition Secretary.

b)The game shall be played to 21 shots, with four bowls per bowler.

c)A draw will be made by the Competition Secretary.  The player appearing first in the draw shall be deemed to play at home and shall give his opponent 3 dates. 

One of which must be a weekend, and not all in one week. Failure to offer 3 dates or failure to accept one of the dates will lead to disqualification.

d)Each round will have a date by which the round must be completed.  An extension may be granted in extreme circumstances, but only by the Competition Secretary.  If the match has not been played by the completion date or extension date where granted, either one or both of the bowlers will be eliminated from the Competition.

e)It will be the responsibility of the round winner, to notify the organiser, whose name appears on the draw sheet, not later than one day after the completion date of the round.


4.Trophies must be returned to the Competition Secretary by 31st August.